Today Bethany Harrison announced that Darrel Puckett, longtime Commonwealth’s Attorney of neighboring Appomattox County, has endorsed her campaign for the Republican nomination for Commonwealth’s Attorney of the City of Lynchburg. Mr. Puckett has served the citizens of Appomattox County as their Commonwealth’s Attorney for over 18 years and is widely respected across Virginia for his work.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney of a neighboring jurisidction Mr. Puckett recognizes the need for capable experienced leadership in Lynchburg as the offices frequently must work together to do justice for the citizens of Central Virginia. Campbell County Commonewalth’s Attorney Paul McAndrews has also endorsed Bethany Harrison for the same reasons.

Mr. Puckett explains his endorsement of Bethany Harrison for the position of Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Lynchburg:

It is my distinct pleasure to commend to the voters of the City of Lynchburg Bethany Harrison as your next Commonwealth’s Attorney. I have known Bethany for over a decade as Appomattox County is a neighboring jurisdiction and has had to work with Lynchburg from time to time over the years to obtain justice for area citizens. She has what it takes to see that justice is served and would provide the necessary continuity to ensure continued successful outcomes to both the City of Lynchburg and the surrounding jurisdictions.

As Commonwealth’s Attorney for Appomattox County for over 18 years, I know how important overall experience is when it comes to dealing with the intricacies of elected office. The Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney encompasses much more than just the Courtroom. While prosecuting crime with the end result of ensuring that justice is served for everyone involved in the process is the chief responsibility of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, there is much more involved with the office. The Commonwealth’s Attorney must manage, supervise, and train prosecutorial and administrative staff, as well as, prepare and submit state and local budgets, ensure that all grant positions meet federal and/or state requirements, and maintain a strong community presence by staying involved in the various aspects of the local community, to name just a few.

Bethany started prosecuting in 2006 and has since tried over 2,400 cases, more than 500, of which, have been violent felonies, with some of those having been homicides. As Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Lynchburg, she already supervises prosecutors, as well as, answers questions for both state and local law enforcement officers. In the Courtroom, Bethany has consistently demonstrated the ability to quickly and correctly assess both the people with whom she comes into contact-whether they be criminal defendants, crime victims, or members of the community at large-and their relative positions on any of a myriad of issues. Bethany’s frankness enables her to engage others in open and honest dialogue. She is forthright and not easily intimidated which places her in good stead in dealing with criminal defendants and their attorneys, as well as, anyone else interacting with the Courts and Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Bethany has effectively handled the most challenging and difficult of delicate situations in adversarial courtroom proceedings. She is truly an excellent communicator, listener, and when necessary, mediator. Bethany is a born leader who is ready to lead the day to day operations of the Office of Commonwealth’s Attorney. Clearly, over 10 years of prosecutorial experience is evidence of her personal commitment to the criminal justice system and, just as importantly, strong sense of service to the local community. Bethany will inspire those who work for and with her to meet and exceed their individual and collective potential.

It is with my highest recommendation that I ask you to cast your vote to elect Bethany Harrison as your next Commonwealth’s Attorney. She has unlimited potential from which the City of Lynchburg can only benefit.

Mr. Puckett becomes the 6th Commonwealth’s Attorney to endorse Bethany Harrison.

Commonwealth’s Attorneys who have previously announced their endorsement of Bethany Harrison are:

Michael Doucette (I) City of Lynchburg
Paul McAndrews (I) Campbell County
Vince Donoghue (R) Essex County
Mike Caudill (R) Goochland County
Tim Martin (R) Augusta County

To see the full list of the law enforcement professionals and delegates who have endorsed Bethany Harrison you can visit the Endorsement Tracker.

UPDATE: Lynchburg Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Bethany Harrison has now been endorsed by 15 Commonwealth’s Attorneys including the Commonwealth’s Attorney from every local jurisdiction.
[Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, Buena Vista, Campbell, Halifax, Lexington/Rockbridge, Nelson, Pittsylvania & the retiring Commonwealth’s Attorney of the City of Lynchburg]