Bethany Harrison announced on February 10, 2017 that she will seek the Republican nomination for the office of Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney is a local elected officer that is responsible for prosecuting felonies and misdemeanors that happen within the City limits. Joining Harrison for her announcement were several local officers who endorsed her for this office:

  1. Michael Doucette. The outgoing Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Doucette announced that he will endorse Harrison in her bid for the Republican nomination for the Commonwealth’s Attorney position. Doucette said that being a prosecutor is a calling and that Harrison certainly had that calling. He also praised her judgment in making decisions about cases.
  2. Chuck Felmlee, the Chief Deputy to Mike Doucette also gave Harrison his endorsement.
  3. Eugene Wingfield, Clerk of the Circuit Court for the City of Lynchburg also endorsed Harrison.

These people are the closest to the work the prosecutors do on a daily basis. The endorsements from the people who work in the criminal justice system and know who Bethany Harrison speak volumes for her credibility and ability to be our next Commonwealth’s Attorney. You can watch the announcement here.

UPDATE: Since Bethany Harrison announced her candidacy she has received overwhelming support from those who understand what is needed to do the job of Commonwealth’s Attorney effectively on behalf of those you serve.

Bethany Harrison has been endorsed by 12 currently serving Commonwealth’s Attorneys as well as Sheriff Steve Hutcherson of Campbell County, Sheriff E.W. Viar of Amherst County and former Chief Judge of the 24th Judicial Circuit Samuel Johnston.

Bethany Harrison has also been endorsed by local delegates Kathy Byron (R) 22nd District and Matt Fariss (R) 59th District.

Bethany is the only candidate who has been endorsed by a Commonwealth’s Attorney.  You can find out more by checking the Endorsement Tracker.