Proven Results-Some of Bethany’s Biggest Cases

The following is just a sample of some of the significant cases I have prosecuted during my time at the Lynchburg Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.  If you would like to read more about any of these cases, click the news organization’s name that follows the summary.

  • Mathew Mark Luke – The defendant was charged with sexual abuse of an 11 year old and he received a sentence of 110 years. The judge suspended 84 years leaving him with a 26 year prison sentence. Lynchburg News & Advance
  • Deshawn and Erica Saunders – The defendants were charged with child abuse and both were convicted by a jury of 12 citizens. Lynchburg News & Advance
  • Shawn Hamlette – The defendant pled guilty to malicious wounding after stabbing a victim. Lynchburg News & Advance
  • Anthony Sexton – The defendant pled guity to a sentence of 22 years for felony murder and child abuse after causing the death of a 3 month old infant.  ABC 13 WSET
  • Oliver Felix – The defendant was convicted of felony murder and child abuse by a jury sitting in Lynchburg Circuit Court and the jury recommended 25 years in prison which is the sentence the defendant is currently serving. ABC 13 WSET
  • Terry McKellips – The defendant was found guilty of elder abuse after he so thoroughly neglected his elderly mother she passed away.  Lynchburg News & Advance
  • Richard Martin-Busher – The defendant was charged with a home invasion rape of a Lynchburg resident who he had never met.  The defendant was sentenced to 75 years in prison and the victim was spared having to testify in open court about this horrifying event. Capital Bay News
  • Michael Ward – The defendant was convicted in a drive by shooting of a teenage girl.  Richmond Times-Dispatch
  • Jemarcus Butler – The defendant was convicted of malicious wounding and sentenced by the judge to serve 5 years in prison.  The Roanoke Times
  • Charlie Baird – I was appointed to be special prosecutor in Buckingham County, Virginia.  There I prosecuted this defendant for a rape which occurred over 30 years in the past.  A jury of Buckingham County residents convicted the defendant and he was ultimately sentenced to 48 years in prison.   The Daily Progress
  • Dajaun Gray – In a case where proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the identity of the killer was an obstacle, justice was obtained for Brandon Carter and the defendant pled guilty to murder rather than go to trial. ABC 13 WSET