Proven Results – By The Numbers

A Commonwealth’s Attorney is more than just an office administrator or a politician.  A Commonwealth’s Attorney is the top prosecutor in the jurisdiction.  In order to be the top prosecutor, you must possess the skills and experience to prosecute any case.  Many cases present unique legal and/or tactical challenges that can be the difference whether a criminal is brought to justice or allowed to walk free.  When an assistant attorney comes to the Commonwealth’s Attorney for guidance and instruction in those situations, the boss needs to be someone credible who has been there and done that.  If the head of any organization cannot inspire confidence in their staff that the leader knows what she is talking about, morale suffers and ultimately the performance of the organization suffers as well.

Since I began my career at the Commonwealth’s Attorneys’ Office in 2006 I have prosecuted over 2,400 cases.

A closer look at the numbers of the cases I have prosecuted:

Homicide                                             8
Robbery                                               148
Felony Sexual Assaults                      127
Malicious Woundings                        144
Strangulations                                    120

Total Felony Crimes of Violence:       547
Firearms Offenses:                              367

For a sample of some of the more significant cases I have prosecuted, click here.

While these numbers might look high it is important to remember they represent a career which began over a decade ago.  Thanks to the hard work of law enforcement, this office and our citizens, crime in Lynchburg is down since I began in 2006 and is considerably lower than it was 20 or 30 years ago.  If you’d like a closer look at reported crime statistics for Lynchburg, click here.