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Bethany Harrison

Lynchburg's Commonwealth's Attorney
A Leader in the Courtroom
A Leader in the Office
A Leader in the Community


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Bethany takes on Parole Board Abuses 


I remain absolutely opposed to his release.  Joyner was tried by a jury and convicted of Murder and Attempted Rape.  He received a sentence of Life plus 10 years. He has made no public expression of remorse....

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I will:

1. Never forget I work for you and your family.

2. Always work to keep this community safe by vigorously prosecuting violent crime.

3. Bring experienced, principled, conservative leadership to the office.

4. Act with the integrity and professionalism the legal community has grown to expect from me.

5. Respect and defend the Constitution, ensuring fair and equal treatment under the law to all.

Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney

The Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney is responsible for the prosecution of all violations of the criminal law occurring in the City of Lynchburg. In addition, the office handles a variety of other public safety responsibilities ranging from training and advice to police officers to helping victims cope with the consequences of crime. Our office consists of a Commonwealth's Attorney, 2 Deputy Commonwealth's Attorneys, 9 Assistant Commonwealth's Attorneys, and a support staff of 19 members. We prosecute over 1,500 felony cases and more than 2,000 misdemeanor cases each year.

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