Crime Prevention

The primary job of the prosecutor is to hold the criminal offender accountable for their actions and obtain justice for the victims of crime once a crime has been committed.  As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I will continue to aggressively prosecute criminal offenders and do justice.  The first mission of this office is to prove criminal offenders arrested by the police guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

An important secondary mission of this office must be to prevent crime before it starts.  A huge element of crime prevention is to send violent and repeat criminals to prison where they are off the street and unable to commit more crimes against our citizens.  As your Commonwealth’s Attorney I will see to it that this office proves those offenders guilty and that they are sentenced appropriately.

There are other crime prevention tools in the available to a Commonwealth’s Attorney in addition to incarceration. Explore more below about how as your Commonwealth’s Attorney I will work to protect this city by preventing crime before it happens.