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Bethany Harrison Elected Commonwealth's Attorney

Lynchburg’s next Commonwealth’s Attorney will be the first female Commonwealth’s Attorney in the city’s history after Bethany Harrison’s historic landslide victory November 7th. Harrison, the city’s current Chief Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney, won nearly 2/3 of the vote, besting her opponent Carlos Hutcherson 65%-34%.

Throughout her campaign Bethany stressed the importance of experience in the role of the Commonwealth’s Attorney and highlighted her years of experience as a Lynchburg prosecutor. Harrison also spoke often of her passion and commitment to the job and to the Lynchburg community as illustrated by her community service efforts and her track record of aggressive advocacy on behalf of victims of crime.

Voters clearly responded to her message as they handed Harrison large margins of victory in many precincts throughout the city.

In an address to supporters on election night, Harrison expressed how deeply humbled and honored she was to have earned the trust of the electorate to be the city’s top prosecutor.

Harrison, who is the first female ever elected Commonwealth’s Attorney in the City of Lynchburg said she was honored and excited to have that distinction but acknowledged that the voters did not elect her to make history, but rather they elected her because they trusted she had the experience and the know-how to help keep the city safe.

Harrison stated her commitment to tackle the significant issues which face the city and a readiness to get to work. Her term begins on January 1.

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